Monday, September 17, 2012

Macaron Parade!

Oh, wow! You all have made it really, really, really hard to choose which dresses I wanted to feature for my Macaron Parade.  I have always loved Macaron and am just delighted by all of the fantastic versions everyone has created.  I am also tickled to see that Sew Colette 2.0 has over 200 members!! It is such a privilege to sew along with such a talented bunch, let me tell you!


Button and Needle's fresh and crisp blue and white Macaron is gorgeous! I love the soft blue paired with the swiss dot bodice.

August '12 Macaron

Kati Sews Too Much made me gasp out loud when I saw her Minty Fresh Macaron.  And the full twirly skirt?  Be still my heart!


Jen's chocolicious Macaron is delicious!  Check out the bodice and sleeve piping!


Velosewer made a beautiful version of Macaron which shows just how versatile this pattern is.  Isn't it pretty?

Linen Macaron

Michelle's blue Macaron is just lovely!  I love that she said that it is the reason she's been working so hard on her sewing.

Denim Macaron

Pastryelf's denim Macaron is really neat.  I like the different colours of denim she used to highlight design features.  This version will keep her stylish and cozy this fall and winter.


velosewer said...

This has been such a fun sew-along. Thank you for opening my eyes to this pattern. It's the first of few Colette frocks!
My nieces love these styles.

Miss Crayola Creepy said...

Every time we do a parade I get more and more impressed!

Kati said...

I'm so happy you liked my Macaron! I have loved participating in this sew along so far, can't wait for more!!!!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

These are so cute such great inspiration for when I finally get around to making my macaron :)

Marianna said...

I love all the Macarons but am very impressed/inspired by Pastryelf's combination of denims. Why have I not seen this in action before?

Now, what can I make out of two denims....?